About RKB Group

RKB Group was established by Mr. Raj Bansal. With the experience of more than 30 years, RKB group is now a diversified business group engaged in the field of:

  • Ship Recycling
  • Industrial Oxygen Gas Manufacturing
  • Export import of scrap, minerals, metals, machineries and machine tools.

At present RKB Group is having three ship breaking plots with wide working area. The group is pioneer in the Ship Recycling at Alang-sosiya, Bhavnagar. The group has also commenced the oxygen gas manufacturing plant at Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard, Dist. Bhavnagar.

RKB Group has three Ship Recycling Yards and Oxygen Plant located near Bhavnagar District. Following are business units of RKB Groups:

  • Shirdi Steel Traders
  • Shanti Ship Breakers Pvt Ltd.
  • Honey Ship Breaking Pvt Ltd.
  • Sai Gases
RKB Group Office